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Ten Ideas

with Ryan Williams and Taylor Moore

episode 67: Captain Tanzier’s Midnight Club

Pack up your French Squeeze and reverse telescopes and join excellent guest Dan Hodapp over at Scarlett Johanssen’s Chimpy Treehouse for an episode of Ten Ideas that is, frankly, going to knock your socks off. Definitely one of the top ten things God ever did. Definitely.

Dan Hodapp is funny, handsome, and currently starring in a very new, very good play by the guy who wrote Urinetown! It’s called “Give the People What They Want” and you should go get tickets here.

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Guys, if you haven’t subscribed to 10 Ideas, then clearly you do not want to laugh like a crazy person on the subway. These episodes with Dan Hodapp are probably the fucking funniest things I have consumed in 2014.

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