Progesterone is a hormone that is associated with the…

Progesterone is a hormone that is associated with the reproductive cycle of a woman. It balances estrogen in women as these two hormones are very essential for keeping each other in check in the life of a woman. Progesterone is also known as a regulator for testosterone and cortisol. The level of progesterone changes with the increase in age and hence it can cause many problems which include depression, decreased libido, fatigue, hair loss and insomnia, just to name a few. These hormones can also cause problem with the joints, muscles, bones and immune system. Natural progesterone cream is the best solution for women who face any kind of hormonal imbalance. Natpro is the best progesterone cream that is made from soybean and wild yarn extracts. It has been clinically proven that wild yarn can increase the levels of progesterone in the women’s body. This cream also contains disosgenin which is a natural form of progesterone. Natural progesterone cream should be applied twice a day- morning and night. This cream should be applied gently to the face, neck, chest and upper arms. It can also be applied on the back of the neck as well as on the stomach. This cream is fat soluble which can help the fat to get absorbed. The use of the cream can be a health increasing and stress reducing lifestyle change. Natural progesterone cream is also used during pregnancy as it is considered to reduce stretch marks that are caused due to pregnancy. This cream does not have any side effects on the fetus. This cream can also be used on thighs, abdomen, lower back and breasts for preventing stretch marks. It is also proven to be effective for providing relief to women from post partum depression. If the level of progesterone reduces it can cause many problems which includes allergies, accelerated allergies, coldness of extremities , irritability, excess weight gain, insomnia , thinning hair, unrelenting fatigue, anxiety and depression. The benefits of using natural progesterone cream are that it has minimal side effects and it is very effective. The cream is easily absorbed through the skin and into the blood stream directly which increase the effectiveness of the cream. This cream can help a woman to restore the balance of the body as it supports the immune system and also increases the process of bone building. This cream is also very effective in reducing the risk of breast cancer. The other benefits of natural progesterone cream include- It improves the working of thyroid hormones It regulates the growth of the endometrial cells The process of blood clotting can be normalized It raises the level of oxygen in the body It increases the libido It helps the fat to be used in the body for producing energy so that it does not get accumulated in the body It reverses the risks of fibrocystic breast disease in women It prevents women from prostate cancer It helps the embryo to grow in pregnancy It acts as a precursor to the other hormones Female cancer can be avoided It prevent water retention in the body The risk of cancer in women can be prevented The mineral level of the women’s body can become normal. The advantages of using natural progesterone cream are that it can get quickly distributed around the skin and hence it can start working after its application. The use of cream is more effective as compared to the other forms and thus its effects have been proved to last longer. The use of this cream does not affect the liver of women as compared to other supplements which can be harmful for the liver. This cream provides free progesterone that can be used through out the body easily. Natural progesterone cream is economical and is readily available for use. This cream has been proven to be very effective for treating the outward symptoms of hormonal imbalances in women. Thus it helps in balancing the level of progesterone and estrogen so that equilibrium can be maintained. Thus along with using this cream women should also have a good night sleep, have a balanced diet and relive themselves from stress so that the effectiveness of the cream can be enhanced.


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